Support and DevOps Engineering (Remote)

Act as an administrator, contributor and support engineering for internal, external and customer deployed systems.

Job Responsibilities

  • Deploy, configure and maintain internal systems used for development operations
  • Deploy, configure and maintain multiple demo and PoC product environments used by sales, prospects and partners
  • Provide first and second level technical customer support for all Nyxeia product lines

Essential Technical Skills

  • Experience managing linux and windows/
  • Experience Shell scripting
  • Experience deploying and configuring devops related software
  • Experience support enterprise java applications

Essential Soft Skills

  • Customer focus
  • Fluent in English, written and spoken
  • Team player, supporting other peers and keeping the team accountable
  • Leadership skills

Important Technical Skills

  • Experience with software development and debugging using Java 8
  • Experience with docker

Other Technical Skills

  • Network administration skills
  • Experience with AWS

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