How Can I Add Value to My Organization During These Uncertain Times?

Blog   |   March 30, 2020

An appeal to legal operations organizations, records managers and IT personnel

Like many of us, I have experienced a good deal of anxiety in recent weeks.  While running this weekend to clear my head and help digest the extraordinary stressors that we all are experiencing, questions flowed through my mind.  When will we return to “normal”? What will this new normal look like? What will happen if this crisis lasts longer than expected? As humans, our fears feed on our discomfort with uncertainty and our need to predict the unknowable future.

As I was gasping for air, I reminded myself that the most important rule is to live in the present and be grateful for what it has to offer.  While we cannot control tomorrow, we can control today and the actions we take. I then reflected on Nyxeia, how we can help and what value we can create for our customers and prospects in this unprecedented time; understanding that anything outside of our focus on health services and school support seemed so irrelevant and out of place compared to current concerns…

That being said, I believe that we should strive as much as possible to keep our businesses moving forward — otherwise, we will be at risk to create self-fulfilling prophecies where work and innovation come to a full stop.

Here are my main 5 reasons why I believe there is no better time to invest in your Information Governance initiative:

  • Creating value today is even more important than before, Nyxeia will help you automate compliance and records management functions to help keep your end-users focused on doing their jobs on the front line.
  • Selecting a virtual environment optimized solution and team. Nyxeia is already a virtual team and our solution is tailored to be implemented remotely, easy to deploy and intuitive to use. This is particularly critical in this context.
  • Content creation is not slowing down, and with an expansion of remote workforces, this dynamic becomes even more complex. We can expect virtual teams to keep accelerating far beyond the end of COVID-19 crisis.  But think about all of the PII and mission-critical information floating around outside your network right now.  As businesses see the flexibility that virtual workforces can bring, having tools in place that allow your most critical information assets to be governed appropriately is more important than ever.
  • Getting started is the first step – and it does not need to be a large, disruptive one. We help our customers stay nimble and work incrementally.  Starting with a single team, a single data source, or a single set of policies and expanding from there is a great way to start the important journey of better Information Governance. Nyxeia’ DNA is to support you in that journey and to make it your own based on your specific environment.
  • Use this time productively, it can be a blessing in disguise. Leverage your available workforce to focus on building the right foundation for better identifying, managing, and leveraging your most sensitive and valuable information assets.  There is no time like the present to create long-term value for your organization that will improve your efficiency, lower your risk profile, and build competitive advantage.

We are all in this together, and Nyxeia is here to help you create value for your team and organization.  Reach out to understand how we can help you and your organization use this time to build better stewardship of your sensitive employee and customer data, and create a more informed, efficient and compliant organization.

Nyxeia has taken this approach with our suppliers, partners, and employees – investing, not retreating.  We are taking this time to invest in ways that will make us stronger as things return to normalcy.  We urge others to do the same and take this time as an opportunity, not just a challenge.

I hope that Legal Ops, Records, and IT teams will consider a similar approach.

JD Sillion
CEO – Nyxeia, Inc.

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