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Most organizations operate with little to no visibility into the volume of sensitive or proprietary information that proliferates in their IT systems.  File servers, cloud file shares, email applications, instant messaging platforms, and groupware systems are just a few of the places where information assets are shared, duplicated, and distributed in ways that can lead to a loss of data privacy protection, the disclosure of trade secrets, or worse.

Beyond sensitive data, the problem extends to the operational realm.  Today’s knowledge workers are so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information – much of it redundant or obsolete — that understanding where the most valuable information can be found is a challenge.   Absent a clear view into the most valuable information assets, organizations suffer in terms of operational efficiency and productivity.

Nyxeia provides data discovery solutions powered by .discover, a federated search tool that connects to all of the unstructured data sources in your enterprise, as well as to structured applications like SAP and others.  Powered by innovative natural language processing and machine learning technologies, .discover categorizes and enhances your Information to make it more secure, usable, and accurate.


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