Defensible disposition, defensible disposal, defensible deletion

In today’s world of skyrocketing information volumes and intense merger and acquisition activity, records specialists, legal teams, and IT have their hands full.   Even with powerful search and categorization tools like .discover, the prospect of evaluating every piece of enterprise information for its value to the organization is unrealistic.

To do their work efficiently, records and legal teams need to answer key questions about the relevance and usability of document collections may span hundreds of gigabytes, terabytes, or even more.

Nyxeia can help.

Our team provides defensible disposition and deletion solutions that help records teams to apply consistent, scalable, auditable processes to the analysis of document collections.  Using .process workflows informed by industry best practices and information insights gleaned from .discover, records specialists can disposition document collections transparently and accurately.

The benefits of defensible disposition done right include lower IT costs, reduced exposure to audits or litigation, better brand protection, and faster processing times for records teams charged with keeping pace with the operation.


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