Records Management for governing digital information assets

Most organizations that serve compliance-driven markets like financial services, health, legal, the public sector, or manufacturing must adhere to a records management regime that is consistent, scalable, and transparent.  However, many teams struggle to scale their records management operations to meet the growing volume of digital information. Traditional paper-centric processes and technologies are no longer sufficient to handle the mass of digital information overload.

Nyxeia provides solutions that meet the evolving records management needs of the 21st century,  with products that discover, organize, and govern digital and scanned paper-based records (as well as non-records information assets) throughout their entire lifecycle.   As records and legal teams adapt to new remits that include instant messaging communications, email, groupware data, and other assets that may be subject to legal discovery, the Everteam Information Governance Suite from Nyxeia provides a scalable, innovative solution for the organization’s records management needs.

An innovative and flexible records management capability that manages records in-place brings strong benefits that include quicker responsiveness to audits or litigation discovery, reduced staffing overhead, lower IT costs, and lower exposure to data breaches and information loss.


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