Working with insurers to better protect sensitive policyholder data

The insurance industry is at the forefront of many of technology’s most disruptive and innovative advancements.  Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain are just a few of the revolutionary technologies that are transforming the ways in which new products are conceived and underwritten, as well as serviced by an increasingly diverse network of providers.

In the face of this accelerating innovation, insurers face increased risks of data breach or misuse that comes with high velocity business.  In dealing with people’s most private information – their property, their health, their lives, insurers must operate with the highest possible standards to ensure privacy and be worthy of their customers’ trust.

Nyxeia works with some of the world’s largest insurers to help them better manage their information assets for improved service to policyholders, better compliance with industry and global privacy protection regulations, and improved operational efficiency.


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