Protecting proprietary product information and clinical study participant data

The pharmaceuticals and biotech industries are growing at a phenomenal rate, thanks to a culture of innovation that is bringing quality of life improvements that are unprecedented.  But innovation in an arena as critical as life science comes with a strong information governance burden.

The management of information through the product lifecycle, including research, development, certification, clinical trials, manufacturing, and distribution requires careful control over myriad types of data, including scanned logbooks and documents, email correspondence, structured application records, and more.   Just as importantly, pharmaceutical and biotech companies who work with clinical trial participants and other end-user data must adhere to the most rigorous requirements for the protection of personally identifiable information (PII) and medical history details (HIPAA).

Nyxeia helps companies in this innovative sector better manage their information assets for improved compliance and stronger competitive position.   Nyxeia delivers solutions that protect sensitive information not only on data subjects, but on confidential and proprietary trade secrets vital to success in this growing field.


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