Working to protect sensitive trade secrets and drive greater efficiency

Modern manufacturing is an information-intensive industry that combines a sometimes dizzying array of intellectual property, process documentation and measurement, regulatory requirements, as well as sales, marketing, and partner coordination.

In this increasingly global environment, managing the flow of digital information is critical to success.  Inappropriate sharing of trade secrets, the retention of outdated or inaccurate policies and procedures, or the failure to retain quality and testing documentation for the required timeframe are just a few of the myriad ways that poor information governance can negatively impact an otherwise health business.

Nyxeia works with manufacturers to implement solutions that identifies, categorizes, and governs content throughout its lifecycle – whether product drawings and specifications, maintenance or operating procedures, customer invoices or correspondence, or any of a myriad of other information asset types.  Our solutions help manufacturers promote a culture of quality and efficiency through better information governance.


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