Episode 2: I Wouldn’t Be Here If

  |   August 4, 2020

Episode 2: “I wouldn’t be here if” featuring a leader with an incredibly diverse professional background. From computer programing to accounting and finance to program management, legal consulting and entrepreneurship, our next guest reveals what she learned along the way: how to acknowledge and learn from failures, how to ask the right questions and better prepare, what it means to be proactive vs. reactive, the impact of discrimination, and how to overcome fear with courage, grace, and a growth mindset. You’ll hear this inspiring story after Lynn introduces her and the interview begins.

Priya Keshav is the Founder and CEO of Meru Data LLC, a company focused on building solutions to simplify information governance programs for customers worldwide. At Meru, Priya helps corporations to identify and proactively manage privacy and security risks around data. Prior to this Priya Keshav was the leader of KPMG’s Forensic Technology Services practice in the Southwest U.S. She has more than seventeen years of consulting experience in information governance, cyber-crime response, eDiscovery, and forensics investigations. Priya focuses on Technology, Retail, and Health Care sectors, and has worked with clients in these and many other industries to reduce risk and manage information. She has an MBA from the University of Florida and is a Chartered Accountant.

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