Episode 3: I Don’t Listen to That Voice Anymore, featuring Stacey Egerton Davis

  |   August 11, 2020

The questions we ask in these interviews usually follow more lengthy conversations or follow-up questions and clarifications that we haven’t been including in the episodes we’ve aired so far. We’ve wanted to keep the episodes short enough to digest in a coffee break. Therefore, a lot of the funnier, more candid moments following the interviewee’s answers are left out in the interest of time. In this next interview, we meet a woman who not only has had a lucrative career influenced by great mentors, but has also nurtured other women to forge their own paths, imagine beyond what they thought they were capable of, to believe in their capabilities, see their strengths, and shut down that negative inner voice to achieve something greater. Not only that, but she continues to encourage others to give back – in whatever capacity they can. So although some of our conversation with Stacey is cut out, we encourage you to check out what she’s doing. In fact, do this for everyone we’ve interviewed. For now, sit back and enjoy our interview with Stacey Egerton Davis.

Stacey has over 20 years of experience in healthcare privacy, security, and information technology. She acutely understands the health IT landscape, how it has changed over time, and its role in providing high-quality patient care. Stacey has worked with leading healthcare organizations to improve their privacy, security and compliance posture. Stacey currently serves on the Board of the Cybertrust Alliance, a firm dedicated to reducing healthcare risk through risk and vendor management and leads the business development efforts of Finpay, a fintech company in Philadelphia.

Stacey’e LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stacey-egerton-davis-7005965/

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