Episode 5: “Constructive Vs. Destructive,” featuring Katie Tall

  |   August 25, 2020

Episode 5: “Constructive Vs. Destructive,” featuring Katie Tall, Marketing Manager at Nyxeia

Lynn Molfetta: “I am particularly pleased today to introduce to you a truly inspirational woman who was the genius behind this new Podcast series, Katie Tall.  I can honestly say, this Podcast would have never happened without her ingenuity and hard work, and I wanted to take this moment to publicly thank her for this significant effort.

What you will hear from Katie today is that she really didn’t want to be interviewed.  She struggled with the idea that why would someone want to hear about her story.  Interestingly this is consistent amongst our truly talented women so all the more reason that Katie is here to share with us her career journey.”

Katie Tall is the Marketing Manager for Nyxeia, an information governance solution provider. Previously, Katie worked as a records specialist at a couple of multi-national law firms. However, her skill sets span several areas, including team building, office management, teaching, and music. She is a member of AIIM and ARMA and served as the treasurer for the Mile High Chapter of ARMA.

Katie’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/katietall/

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