Episode 6: “From Fry Girl to eDiscovery: Always Take Pride in What You Do,” featuring Ann Snyder

  |   September 1, 2020

Episode 6: “From Fry Girl to eDiscovery: Always Take Pride in What You Do,” featuring Ann Snyder

Can you believe we are heading into our sixth episode of the podcast? When Lynn and I birthed this podcast idea, we had no idea how many women would actually want to be part of the show, but thanks to this wide-spread, well-networked IG community, we’ve had the privilege to speak with several leaders, and after every conversation, we walk away with some new fodder to help us keep motivated, keep trudging forward, to keep producing this show. And so we’re really proud to introduce you to our next guest, who has been helping us grow this network, expand our reach, and meet new people – Ann Snyder. Now, Ann is so modest in this interview, and as I was listening and editing it, I found myself wanting to hear more about her story, and as the podcast grows, we’d like to bring her back as a special guest just so you can hear more of her wry wit and learn more about her varied background. For now, let’s take a listen to Ann’s interview, which we’ve titled “From Fry Girl to eDiscovery: Always Take Pride in What You Do.”

Ann Snyder’s Bio: Ann K. Snyder is the Manager of Content Development at ARMA International. Immediately prior to joining ARMA, Snyder served as senior manager of information governance at a biotech company. Snyder’s experience includes data remediation; data mining/analytics; e-discovery; IG process building/improvements; IG technologies; IG program maturity assessment/gap analysis; long-term digital preservation; IG program training; IG frameworks, programs, committees; policy development and implementation; IG and data transfer during MAD events; and industry best practices.

Ann Snyder’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ann-k-snyder-01a1055/

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