Episode 7: “When You Help Others Grow, You Grow Yourself,” featuring Vijay Laxmi

  |   September 8, 2020

Episode 7: “When You Help Others Grow, You grow Yourself,” featuring Vijay Laxmi

For those listening, you are going to get a treat today. What follows this somewhat inadequate introduction is a conversation with a well-rounded, compassionate, transparent, and authentic leader. Her inner fire and intelligence drove her to work with people from many different cultures, countries, companies, and professional backgrounds. During our discussion, she was contemplative and thoughtful, and you can hear that in the pauses between words and sentences. I can say that after listening to the interview for the umpteenth time, I feel she is someone we can all aspire to be like. At one point, laughed about a very relatable experience, and I think you’ll chuckle too as you listen to Episode 7: “When You Help Others Grow, You Grow Yourself,” featuring Vijay Laxmi.

Vijay Laxmi (DLP, CISSP), Principal Architect, Cyber & Strategic IT at Biogen, is an innovative, assertive, and goal-oriented technologist with a doctorate in Law and Policy, who offers a distinguished background that includes more than 20+ years’ experience in information technology and 25+ years of business development, technical evangelism, and partner/alliance management that promotes sustained operational growth and profitability. She has an outstanding ability to effectively identify opportunities, develop focus, and provide tactical business solutions. Vijay is an exceptional communicator with strong negotiation, problem resolution, and a client needs assessment aptitude.

Vijay’s LinkedIn Profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vijaylaxmi/

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