.discover provides eDiscovery and federated search visibility into Dark Data

Organizations today face skyrocketing volumes of unstructured information. Files, many of them containing sensitive or proprietary information, proliferate in places like file servers, email, groupware, instant messaging applications, and cloud file shares. Litigation requirements around discovery and regulatory mandates for data subject privacy protection mean that it’s essential to identify and govern these information assets for more informed, efficient, and compliant operations.


  • Gain visibility into “dark data” information assets that are spread throughout the information ecosystem.
  • Tag, enhance metadata, and categorize files wherever they live to make them more usable by the organization.
  • Identify and protect sensitive information that may reside in unsecured systems to better comply with CCPA, GDPR.
  • Eliminate duplicative or obsolete information that reduces operational efficiency and consumes valuable storage space.


  • Search capabilities that combine machine learning and natural language processing to shed light on dark data.
  • AI-powered features that identify, augment, and organize information to it easier to find and use.
  • Out of the box configurable named entity extraction features to surface personally identifiable information (PII) and other types of sensitive or proprietary material.
  • Features to identify and remove redundant, obsolete, and trivial information that clogs IT systems.

The .discover product provides powerful search insight into far-flung information assets, and provides artificial intelligence-driven features to identify, classify, and enhance enterprise information. Unlike centralized repositories, .discover connects to information systems using a connector framework, indexing, categorizing, and managing content and metadata in-place.

Combined with .policy for retention schedule creation and .process for workflow and automation, you have a comprehensive solution for full lifecycle information management.

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