.policy helps organizations create, manage, and apply retention schedules

The vast volume and diversity of today’s information landscape poses a challenge to records management, legal, and compliance teams.  As the number and types of digital assets have grown, so too have the regulations on how they must be accessed, preserved, and disposed of securely.


  • Apply retention schedules to document collections en masse based on categories or metadata.
  • Manage the entire document lifecycle with minimal human intervention.
  • Ensure compliance with internal, industry, and regulatory requirements.


  • Create, manage, and apply retention schedules to bulk document sets based on simple rules.
  • Govern records from creation, though publication, deprecation, and deletion with ease.
  • Demonstrate compliance with audit trails and defensible disposition.

The .policy product provides a powerful and intuitive environment for creating and managing retention schedules for both formal records and other information assets.  With the ability to model policies for multiple (sometimes overlapping) jurisdiction and regulatory requirements, the .policy product puts new power in the hands records, legal, and compliance teams.  Combined with the federated search and content categorization capabilities of .discover and the workflow and rules-based automation capabilities of .process, the .policy product gives records teams the power to identify, govern, and dispose of digital information assets consistently, transparently, and accurately.

The .policy product brings compelling benefits, including a more defensible disposition of digital records disposal, improved risk mitigation against audits or litigation, and a more coherent information environment for operational staff who are often overwhelmed by growing volumes of irrelevant or out-of-date information.

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