.preserve provides a secure, flexible digital preservation service for information assets

Preserving digital assets is a process that is often complicated by the coordination of IT, Legal, and compliance teams.  Traditional archive tools can be complex, costly, and difficult to manage in ways that are in-line with the organization’s regulatory and legal policies.

The .preserve product from Nyxeia takes a different approach.  A lightweight digital preservation micro-service that can be managed from within the .discover user interface, the .preserve product is informed by retention schedules managed in .policy and provides a coherent, consistent way to preserve digital assets.


  • Preserve digital assets securely at the end of their useful lifecycle as a precursor to destruction
  • Reduce storage costs by moving seldom used or obsolete information to lower-cost storage tiers
  • Enforce legal holds in a secure, traceable manner to support litigation efforts
  • Reduce the data clutter that afflicts information end-users saddled with information overload


  • Ability to trigger asset preservation based on defined policies, conditional rules, or manual intervention
  • Support for S3 compatible cloud-based storage, as well as traditional premise-based options
  • Ability to capture and preserve documents as part of legal hold will full audit trail and reporting traceability
  • Administrative features to ensure that preservation jobs are automated, error-free, and effective

The .preserve product extends the reach of the Information Governance Suite to provide end-to-end coverage of the entire information lifecycle.  From content creation and capture, through digital preservation, and on to eventual deletion the .preserve solution helps organizations keep their information ecosystem orderly.  With the ability to preserve, restore, and destroy information assets in a way that’s consistent with defined policies as well as legal and regulatory commitments, the .preserve product provides a solution that can help align the needs of both IT and legal / compliance teams.

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