.process helps automate content processing for the full information lifecycle

The growing volume and complexity of enterprise-scale information governance demands solutions that incorporate intelligent automation.  The .process product provides a powerful workflow and process automation solution that is informed by and engaged with your organization’s far-flung information assets.


  • Reduce the need for “human touch” in processing the growing volume of enterprise information.
  • Expand the reach of human reviewers / approvers to expand governance.
  • Implement consistent, efficient, traceable work processes for governance functions.


  • Highly automated solution to help legal and records specialists govern the growing information wave.
  • Workflow capabilities that extend the reach of human assets to broaden governance reach.
  • Audit-friendly, transparent processes and reporting capabilities.

Integrated with .discover, the .process product allows records, compliance, and legal teams to kick-off content related workflows for individual assets, or entire classes of content.  With a powerful rules engine, .process also allows content to be automatically categorized and associated with relevant retention schedules created in the .policy product based on automated processes that reduce human workload while improving accuracy.

The .process product provides a force multiplier to overworked records, legal, and compliance teams and helps them to keep pace with the accelerating growth of digital information without sacrificing the quality, coherence, or consistency of their information governance efforts.

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