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Episode 1: One Day, I’m Going to Work There

  |   July 27, 2020
Women Leaders in Infogov Podcast

Today’s episode: “One Day, I’m Going to Work There,” featuring my co-host and someone I greatly admire. We’ve been working together a few months, but I’ve learned so much from her to the point where I’d call her a kind of mentor. It’s because of this that I wanted her interview to be the first of this series. Lynn Molfetta has led process development and restructuring, global rollout of IT solutions, and the operationalization of Information Governance programs. Over the course of her career, she has been the Global Head of Records Management at two of the largest global banks, and the COO/Chief of Staff for the General Counsel of a global financial services company. Today, Lynn is a co-partner at MC Bernstein Data, an information governance consulting firm.

Episode 7: “When You Help Others Grow, You Grow Yourself,” featuring Vijay Laxmi

  |   September 8, 2020

Episode 7: “When You Help Others Grow, You grow Yourself,” featuring Vijay Laxmi
For those listening, you are going to get a treat today. What follows this somewhat inadequate introduction is a conversation with a well-rounded, compassionate, transparent, and authentic leader. Her inner fire and intelligence drove her to work with people from many different cultures, countries, companies, and professional backgrounds. During our discussion, she was contemplative and thoughtful, and you can hear that in the pauses between words and sentences. I can say that after listening to the interview for the umpteenth time, I feel she is someone we can all aspire to be like. At one point, laughed about a very relatable experience, and I think you’ll chuckle too as you listen to Episode 7: “When You Help Others Grow, You Grow Yourself,” featuring Vijay Laxmi.

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