Episode 1: One Day, I’m Going to Work There

  |   July 27, 2020
Women Leaders in Infogov Podcast

Today’s episode: “One Day, I’m Going to Work There,” featuring my co-host and someone I greatly admire. We’ve been working together a few months, but I’ve learned so much from her to the point where I’d call her a kind of mentor. It’s because of this that I wanted her interview to be the first of this series. Lynn Molfetta has led process development and restructuring, global rollout of IT solutions, and the operationalization of Information Governance programs. Over the course of her career, she has been the Global Head of Records Management at two of the largest global banks, and the COO/Chief of Staff for the General Counsel of a global financial services company. Today, Lynn is a co-partner at MC Bernstein Data, an information governance consulting firm.

Episode 5: “Constructive Vs. Destructive,” featuring Katie Tall

  |   August 25, 2020

Episode 5: “Constructive Vs. Destructive,” featuring Katie Tall, Marketing Manager at Nyxeia Lynn Molfetta: “I am particularly pleased today to introduce to you a truly inspirational woman who was the genius behind this new Podcast series, Katie Tall.  I can honestly say, this Podcast would have never happened without her ingenuity and hard work, and […]

Episode 6: “From Fry Girl to eDiscovery: Always Take Pride in What You Do,” featuring Ann Snyder

  |   September 1, 2020

Ann Snyder’s Bio: Ann K. Snyder is the Manager of Content Development at ARMA International. Immediately prior to joining ARMA, Snyder served as senior manager of information governance at a biotech company. Snyder’s experience includes data remediation; data mining/analytics; e-discovery; IG process building/improvements; IG technologies; IG program maturity assessment/gap analysis; long-term digital preservation; IG program training; IG frameworks, programs, committees; policy development and implementation; IG and data transfer during MAD events; and industry best practices.

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